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5 “How To” Tips for Audio Media Buyers Marketers

5 “How To” Tips for Audio Media Buyers Marketers

Audio has never been bigger than now.

Audio is now at its peak. You ask me how do I know? Well, one is data. According to Edison Research, close to 90M people, today at the states listen to podcasts… I also rely on my intuition (we constantly communicate recently..) which told me that in this troubling times, where many are stuck at home and uncertain about the future, podcasts present a great escapism platform to disconnect from the general noise we experience on a daily basis.

How can you access this inventory? What about KPI’s?

So, there are enough platforms offering Audio inventory including TTD, Adobe, Verizon, Google, MediaMath, and others Demand platforms and as for the performance, see for yourself the results which were gathered by The Trade Desk and IMM, indicating Programmatic audio drove a 32% efficiency in cost-per-click (CPC), outperforming the direct buy channels.

What are the best five tips you can give new marketers within this space?

Well, the timing couldn’t be better. The supply is for sure there, and marketing budgets by the big brands are much lower than usual, meaning chipper. As for research which was made by Pandora, it was found that it’s better to use a female voice than a male as women sound more trustworthy. It was also discovered that the first 5 seconds are really crucial for the performance side as most decisions are made during that time period. The background music should fit both the brand and the targeted audience meaning fast pace music is perhaps not the best to use on a podcast which it’s demographic is above 50 years old, and brand mentions should be between 2-3 times during a 30-sec ad slot. And the biggest tip of them all, know which KPI’s you are looking for beforehand and how to track performance within your site / Landing page.

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